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EXPLAINING THE NEED FOR CHOICE (1) Theological considerations: the need for a test etc. Tricky with God, hopeless without Him. (2) The utility of intentions —2 — Agents with intentions do better. But this doesn’t explain the need for choice. There is more to choice than the formation of intention. Why not simply automatically form one’s intentions on the basis of one’s beliefs and desires? (3) Indifference and incommensurability Yes, but this risks making choosing look like picking. (4) Acting on limited information Maximizing is very difficult and so very cognitively expensive; we are typically unable to do it. So we do not arrive at stage (ii). Situations of perceived incommensurability can be understood as involving an inability to rank, not necessarily as involving the (philosophically tendentious) conviction that there is no ranking available. We are
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Unformatted text preview: very frequently in the position that several options look good, and that whilst we think that one might be the best, we are unable to form a judgment, in the time available, about which one it is. If we have little idea about how to go about ranking them, that is a situation that we would think of as possibly involving incommensurability; if we know how to rank but lack the time to do so, that is simple lack of information. Both of these are situations in which the ability to choose is needed. But choosing here does not amount to mere picking. The agent deliberates in deciding what to do; it is just that this deliberation does not involve arriving at judgments as to what is best, but at choices about what to do. (Compare Anscombe on the upshot of practical deliberation.)...
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