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Frankfurt’s Account of Freedom First: Distinguish amongst your desires, between those that are effective, and those that are not. An effective desire is one that actually issues in action. Thus you might both want to go to Mexico, and go to France. If you go to France, that is the desire that is effective. Note that you can both desire to do something and desire to not do it. But only one of these can be effective. Frankfurt identifies a person’s will with their effective desires. Second: Distinguish, amongst your desires, between first order desires and second order desires. A first order desire is a desire for anything other than a desire; a second order desire is a desire for a desire. So, for instance, you might have a first order desire to smoke a cigarette, and a second order desire that you desire not to smoke a cigarette. A second order desire might or might not be a desire that its corresponding first order desire be effective. Thus I might wish that
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