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here are essentially 2 types

here are essentially 2 types - factor but prolonged 2 some...

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here are essentially 2 types: Depressive disorder, and Bipolar disorder 1. Depressive Disorder (unipolar)- persistent feelings of sadness and despair, and a loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities/events. Also may include: marked weight loss, sleep problems, unclear thinking, etc. *a depressive episode must last for at least 2 weeks for classification. Then, if there are 2 episodes of at least 2 week episodes, the person is diagnosed with Major Depression: a) Major Depression 1) Extreme unhappiness, may be attributed to some specific
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Unformatted text preview: factor, but prolonged 2) some changes from normal to depressed Normal Depressed friends antisocial affection revulsion & loss of feelings favorite activity gives pleasure boredom humor/amusement loss of humor self-care self-neglect success/achievement withdrawal self-preservation suicidal thoughts good sleep disturbed sleep energy fatigued If the depressive episode lasts for an extended period, person may be classified as having:...
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