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History of Psychology - this question is difficult This may...

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History of Psychology History of Psychology & Overview of the Field - So you are taking your first Psychology class. ..you are about to enter into a new and interesting world. You will be exposed to information that can alter the way you view yourself, others, and the world around you. It is a world in which you learn about topics such as how people can behave violently towards others, why and how people fall in love, how to people with devastating illnesses can be helped, why people conform, how people can fall into cults like Heaven's Gate, how memory works and is influenced by others, and much, much, more. So, Let's jump right in. I. What is psychology? A. There is so much diversity in the topics studied, theoretical perspectives, and disciplines involved, that answering
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Unformatted text preview: this question is difficult. This may seem like I am just being evasive, but that is not so. Take these non-scientific examples: 1. Try to define basketball. What is basketball? Is it: a game, a sport, a hobby, an art form? Is it a game of skill, technique, luck? Is it a sport in which the object is to score as many points as possible, prevent others from scoring as many points as possible, defeat another team? And so on. .. As you can see, there are many perspectives. Which is correct? All show different ideas and perspectives of the same concept.Try another, similar one: 2. What do basketball players do (yes, I know that they "play basketball")?...
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