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History of Psychology The literal definition of Psychology is - the study of the soul or mind. Although it seems as though psychology has been around (and should have been around) for a long time, psychology as a science really began just over 100 years ago. Why did it take until so recently for psychology to become a science? Until recently people did not believe that the mind could be studied objectively. The technology was not there. We had no way to take the next step from speculation to science. A. Psychology as a science grew out of two other existing sciences: 1) philosophy - philosophers were grappling with psychological questions hundreds of years ago, such as: how do sensations become mental thoughts? Example - how does the feel of a hand stroking your face become a thought? And then if I ask you to imagine that feeling, can you do so?
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Unformatted text preview: Is the world that we perceive truly reality? Example - does color exist? Do we actually chose our actions or are they predetermined? To address these issues, philosophers used RATIONALISM - true knowledge comes from proper reasoning and logic to find truth. Is this a sound (or VALID) path to scientific truth? 2) physiology- while philosophy is based on rationalism, physiologists based their science on observation. They used the SCIENTIFIC METHOD (don't worry, this will be cover in detail soon), which came from EMPIRICISM. Early physiologists studied such questions as nerve signals and receptors in the eyes. It should be easy to see how this discipline led to the field of psychology. Once Psychology became a science, several schools of thought emerged, each with its own perspectives and important people....
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