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John Watson - he stated that responding to crying was not a good idea because it produces a reward for crying. Thus, the baby learns to cry anytime it wants to see mom or dad, not when it actually is in need. Mary Ainsworth - impossible to respond too often. Responding establishes secure attachment. Research is INCONCLUSIVE. Attachment process of forming close emotional bonds of affection that develop between infant and care givers. a) Mary Ainsworth - developed the strange situation procedure to measure attachment in infants. From this research, she has established that there are 3 main categories of child-parent attachment: 1) avoidant attachment - infant avoids mother when reunited. 2) secure attachment (65%) - infant actively seeks out contact with mother. 3) ambivalent attachment - seek contact but then resist once contact is made. 3. Language are we more capable to learn language at a younger age? Childhood (2-11) As infants become children, they become less socially dependent on their parents and more responsive to peers.
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Unformatted text preview: This becomes particularly prevalent during adolescence, but for now, let's just look at childhood. A. Social Developments 1) Identification at approximately age 4-5, children become less egocentric begins to identify with parents. Identification is a process of adopting the attitudes, values, and behaviors of their parents. In addition, children start to imitate same-sex parent (act like daddy). During this time, children also begin to develop their SELF-CONCEPT (knowledge of who you are as an individual) by beginning to focus on external factors like name, age, where you live, friends, etc. For example, during this time, ask a child who they are, and you may get responses that include "I am kid" "I am a kid with lots of friends" "I am a kid with lots of friends who lives in Washington DC", etc. ......
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