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JUDGEMENTS AND MOTIVATION A further complexity: a full moral sensibility requires not just the ability to make moral judgements, but also the tendency to be motivated by them. These might be thought of as separate faculties; or as somehow combined (so that someone who isn’t motivated by a moral judgement hasn’t really grasped it). ONE POSSIBLE MODEL FOR ETHICS: MATHEMATICS There is such a subject as moral philosophy for much the same reason that there is such a subject as the philosophy of mathematics. Scanlon, ‘Contractualism and Utilitarianism’ No one doubts that the psychology of mathematics is interesting. It shows how we do things, and the mistakes we are liable to make; for instance, the literature on street mathematics. Compare probabilistic reasoning, and conditionals. (Even here though, controversy, for instance, different readings of the conditionals in the Wason selection task.) But: there is no expectation that work on the psychology of mathematics will lead to new
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