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Language Comprehension How do we Understand Language? Form a coherent mental representation Inference generation Role of context Inference Generation inferences integrate information from the text with knowledge (e.g. scripts) inferences are used to construct a coherent mental representation inferences are used to construct the meaning of a text 4 types of inferences that readers can draw: instrument elaborative causal emotional instrument inference: " The man swept the floor" --> broom
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Unformatted text preview: • inferences made about the thing (the instrument) used to perform the action elaborative inference (O'brien et al., 1988): All the mugger wanted to steal was the woma's money. But when she screamed, he stabbed her with the (weapon / knife) in an attempt to quiet her. He looked to see if anyone had seen him. He threw the knife into the bushes, took her money, and ran away....
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