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Let's take a closer Look at each component 1. Maladaptive Behavior a) an inability to handle daily life events For example, many people drink, but when drinking interferes with social and/or professional life it can be considered maladaptive. b) this is a very important component in diagnosing problems such as drug abuse 2. Deviant Behavior a) behavior that falls outside the boundaries deemed acceptable by a culture For example: *men wear kilts in Scotland, *living arrangements in villages in Papua New Guinea 3. Personal Psychological Distress not necessarily overt behavior. ..reports of feelings of sadness, anxiety, etc., to friends and/or family. important in determining and diagnosing psychological disorders
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Unusual but not necessarily bizarre like deviant behavior, this is often governed by the culture. But, now we also include personal history, experiences, race, religion, etc. D. Behavior on a Continuum Many textbooks do good jobs of explaining how behavior can be viewed on a continuum from normal to abnormal as opposed to ONLY normal or abnormal. WHY this is important: 1. It is difficult to accurately distinguish normal from abnormal On occasion don't we all have some personal distress? 2. We have ALL displayed some abnormal behavior at some point in our lives **the key is how much of each and how often do they occur....
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