Levels of Processing Approach

Levels of Processing Approach - traces useful when trying...

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shallow processing - analysis of information based on physical or sensory characteristics deep processing - analysis of information based on meaning (e.g. images, other associations, past experiences) Rehearsal Maintenance vs. Elaborative the more rehearsal you do differentially affects what you remember, depending upon the Type of Rehearsal you do Research: deep levels of processing should lead to better recall than shallow levels of  processing WHY? distinctiveness - stimulus is very different from all other memory 
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Unformatted text preview: traces useful when trying to remember differences between similar itemselaboration - rich processing in terms of meaning useful when trying to remember similarities between different items generation effect : we remember items better if we make them up ourselves rather than if people give us the items to remembersea - o____ sea - ocean self-reference effect: we remember more information when we relate that information to ourselves does generous apply to you?...
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