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Parallel Distributed Processing (PDP) Basic Tenets: 1. Memory is flexible can even deal with incomplete or inappropriate input.2.  Content addressibiltiy: we can use attributes (e.g. color) to access info in  memory.3. Varying effectiveness of cues: some cues work better than others (penguin - 'has wings' vs. 'can't fly') Characteristics: 1. networks of neuron-like units (neural nets) 2. parallel search processing 3. excitatory connections 4. inhibitory connections 5. spontaneous generalizations (making inferences/judgments about general info 
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Unformatted text preview: [English majors] that they never learned) Do English majors tend to be politically liberal 6. default assignments (making inferences/judgments about a specific category of information that was never learned) What is Nicoles [who is an English major] political preference? never talked politics, but general category is activated and you would probably response LIBERAL 7. graceful degradation (activation of partial information [TOT])...
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