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PHANTOM LIMBS ability to feel pain, pressure, temperature, and many other types of sensations including pain in a limb that does not exist (either amputated or born without). the feelings and the pain are sometimes so life-like that person attempts to pick things up with phantom hand, step with phantom foot or leg, etc. Often person feels phantom moving in perfect coordination with the rest of the body - some report a missing arm extending outward at a 90 degree angle so they turn sideways when going through a doorway. may occur right after amputation or not until years later. often felt as part of the body (belonging to the rest of the body). EX. - with a missing leg, some report having a phantom foot but not the rest of the leg. Still, the foot feels as though it is part of the body. Go to Phantom Limb Pages - includes case studies Explanations: 1) the neuroma explanation - remaining nerves in the stump grow into nodules (neuromas) at the end of the stump continue to fire signals. Signals follow the same pathways the brain as when the appendage existed.
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