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Problems: circularity - what is  deep ? if processing is deep, then retention will be better if retention was better, then processing must have been deep encoding specificity - we recall more info if the retrieval conditions match the  encoding condtions therefore, if retrieval conditions emphasize shallow features to be recalled, then  shallow processing during encoding can lead to better recall than deep processing Tulving's (1972, 1993) Multiple Memory System episodic memory
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Unformatted text preview: autobiographical memory; personally experienced and remembered events of a lifetime semantic memory general world-knowledge (e.g. vocabulary, grammar) you don't have an 'episode' in which you remember when and where someone told you for the first time 'that's a bird' procedural memory knowledge of 'how to' (difficult to verbalize)how to play a guitar how to ride a bike K.C. (motorcycle guy) know how to play chess (procedural), but cannot remember playing anyone (episodic)...
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