Problems in Language Production

Problems in Language Production - associated with an...

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Problems in Language Production: 1. Speech errors 2. Neurological disorders Speech Errors slips-of-the-tongue: errors in which sounds or entire words are rearranged between two or more  different words spoonerisms - named after William A. Spooner, head of New College in Oxford  (1903-1924) noble sons of toil -->noble tons of soil   the dear old queen --> the queer old dean Dell's (1986) connectionist model of speech production Common speech errors recorded by Fromkin (1993): Neurological Disorders Broca's  area: associated with language production Wernicke's area: associated with language comprehension aphasia: language deficit or difficulty that results from physical damage to the brain,  infections or tumors in the brain, and birth defects Broca's aphasia:
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Unformatted text preview: associated with an ability to understand language, but an impaired ability to speak coherently read Coast Guard story (Gardner, 1975): E: Were you in the Coast Guard? P: No, er, yes, yes. ..ship. ..Massachu. ..chusetts. .Coast Guard. ..years. E: Oh, you were in the Coast Guard for 19 years. P: Oh. ..boy. ..right. ..right. E: Why are you in the hospital? P: [Points to paralyzed arm] Arm no good. [Points to mouth] Speech. ..can't say., you see. E: What happened to make you lose speech? P: Head, fall, Jesus Christ, me no good, str, str. ..oh Jesus. ..stroke. E: Could you tell me what youve been doing in the hospital? P: Yes, sure. Me go, er, uh, P. T. nine ocot, speech. ..two times. ..wr. ..ripe, er, rike, er, write. ..practice. ..get-ting better....
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Problems in Language Production - associated with an...

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