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Psychology Class Notes > Biological Psychology (Psychobiology) 1) Life as a single celled organism a) minimal abilities -- the single cell organism can find food and ingest it, can move away from irritating environmental factors, maybe even learn and habituate to stimuli. b) However, there are some problems -- as a single celled organism, when improvement or focus is given to any one ability, there is an associated decrement in others. With many functions, too much emphasis on one function causes others to suffer. 2) The colony a) a solution -- one day you (a single cell organism) are crawling around and run into another (an amoeba). You make a deal. You like to crawl around, it likes to ingest. So, the two of you team up, form cells or societies and make use of each other's skills. You compensate for its shortcomings and it compensates for yours. Together, you are far
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Unformatted text preview: more efficient, productive, and thus, more likely to survive and reproduce. b) specialization-- soon, specialization begins occurring (some movement, some sensitivity to environmental stimuli, others to irritation from environment, other secretion) - this means a reduction in flexibility of individual cells. Each cell becomes dependent on other cells for certain functions - while there is an increase in the ability to deal with the environment when together, there is a decrease in the ability to deal with the environment when cut off from the other cells. All of this leads to advancements in cell organization and development. Now, multi-celled organisms begin to evolve and adapt to their environments. Now we can take a closer look at the individual cells (neurons) and their components. Let's examine the Neuron and its components....
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