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Responsibility What sorts of things do we ascribe responsibility to? They need to be an agent with a will that they can exercise. Unless we are badly anthropomorphising, we don't blame a car that has broken down. Nor do we blame someone for not helping when we find that they were locked in a room, unable to come to our aid. Moreover they need to have the right kind of control over their will; we don't blame a dog, or a small child for eating some cakes that we have left out in the same way that we would blame a roommate for doing the same thing. And more than that, they need to have got the desire in the right way; we don't blame someone for doing that which they were induced to do under hypnosis; we don’t blame someone for doing what they are forced to do as a result of a compulsion (e.g. the kleptomaniac; note though that here we seem to be getting closer to the first worry). It seems then that we are to blame for that which we freely do as a result of desires that we autonomously form. So there seem to be at least two aspects of free will that are
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