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Schizophrenia - actually part of a category of mental disorders known as psychoses psychosis - a disorder that involves alterations of perceptions, thought, or consciousness. A psychotic person is said to be detached from reality (not necessarily continuously) but believes their perceptions to be true. most serious, 1 in 50 in U.S. (1% of poulation), 25% of hospitalized mentally ill, high return rate, usually under 35 when first admitted characterized by psychotic symptoms, which means a loss of contact with reality the individual detaches from reality and develops an elaborate inner world which is illogical and fantastic also characterized by thought disorder, which involves a kind of unraveling of thinking processes, the person's associations become loose, and language and communication become disturbed, what they say makes no sense (WORD SALAD)
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Unformatted text preview: why called split personality: split from reality, doesn't react right; also, the self is split into fragments (but this is NOT the same as multiple personality) Symptoms: best considered to be a group of psychotic reactions Deterioration of behavior - the person declines from a previous level of functioning, "not himself" e.g., example of Fred who went from being an honor student in school, to failing grades, getting into trouble, and using drugs over a two year period until finally having psychotic breakdown at age 16 Irrational, disordered thought(delusions), incoherence in ideas Delusions are beliefs or a belief system that a person has which are almost certainly not true; thoughts being broadcast from one's head often these have religious content or the conviction that one is being controlled by outside forces, e.g.,...
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