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Schools of Thought 1) Structuralism Wilhelm Wundt - set up the first psychological laboratory in 1879. He was studying an area that became known as Structuralism. school of thought that sought to identify the components (structure) of the mind. They believed that the way to learn about the brain and its functions was to break the mind down into it's most basic elements. Their Basic Premise was: the whole is = to the sum of the parts The field was popularized by Edward Titchener (student of Wundt) who was interested in the conscious mind and used a technique called INTROSPECTION.
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Unformatted text preview: Conscious - feelings, thoughts and sensations that you are aware of at that moment . These things make up the conscious. Introspection - To look within and examine your own thoughts or feelings. BUT, introspection relies on subjective or self-report data which is a week methodological form of data collection. Example. - If you become angry and then begin to examine your anger through introspection you alter your current state (most likely stopping to examine your current state will reduce your anger and hostility) and thus the experience of anger....
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