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Semantics - • how to interpret words in different social...

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Semantics: The Meaning in Language morphemes: the smallest unit of language that has meaning trees = tree +  -s  [large plant + 'more than one of'] free morphemes: (words)  stand, bland, hand bound morphemes: (prefixes and suffixes)  un-, -s case grammar approach: our knowledge of certain words and their relationship to other words influences  how we derive meaning from sentences believed that sentence parsing is based on semantics rather than syntax Pragmatics: The Social Rules that Underlie Language Use
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Unformatted text preview: • how to interpret words in different social contexts • how communication is coordinated - conversations • Grice�s (1975) conversational maxims: • rules of conduct for polite conversations • effective discourse depends on the participants� being informative, truthful, relevant, and clear • if any of these maxims is violated, a sense of unease in the conversation arises • we often'mark' violations of conversational rules...
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