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Slots - in the"middle" seems to get pushed out and...

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Slots - STM seems to be divided into "slots" - to be precise, STM has 7 slots, each one capable of holding one piece of information. This is also commonly referred to as the MAGIC #7 (+/- 2), which was introduced by George Miller. But, we are bombarded with so much information all the time that STM can become cluttered. In order to prevent the clutter from become too much, STM pushes some information out in order to make room for other information. But what gets pushed out??? 3) Primacy and Recency a) Primacy - when you are receiving information, the information perceived first is more likely to be remembered. This more recent information may simply get to long term memory more easily, and thus be remembered or we may just rehearse the early information more. b) Recency - information perceived toward the end of an event is also more likely to be remembered. So, information
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Unformatted text preview: in the "middle" seems to get pushed out and is less likely to be remembered. While maintenance rehearsal will help keep information in STM, the only way to bring information into long-term memory is through ELABORATIVE REHEARSAL. Elaborative Rehearsal- connecting new information with previously stored, already existing associative structures . For Example - when our sixth grade teachers used to make us put a vocabulary word into context in a sentence - this combines the new information (the vocabulary word) with an associative structure (the sentence). "Johnny, the word is pimple. Can you use pimple in a sentence?" "Yes. My head is so full of all of this Psychological information, I think it is going to pop like a big, white, pimple...
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