So consider the case of Catherine

So consider the case of Catherine - opinion of its merits...

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So consider the case of Catherine: Catherine has applied for several jobs recently, and has been unsuccessful each time. She has also been horribly disappointed each time. She puts her disappointment down to too much thought. On each occasion she had spent a great deal of time thinking about the job, had, as a result, imagined just what it would be like to get it, and so had been devastated when she didn’t. She has just decided to apply for another job. She thinks that it is clearly better than her current job; otherwise she wouldn’t be putting in for it. But she has resolved not to think too deeply about what it is like, or to examine the evidence that she has; at least not until or unless she gets an offer. She knows that, were she to think more about the job, there is some chance that her
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Unformatted text preview: opinion of its merits would change; but she thinks that the possibility of error here is worth risking to maintain her equanimity. As it happens she is radically wrong about the job. It is a terrible job, far worse than her current one, as a little more reflection would have shown her. A proposed amendment to Meles conditions: S is self-deceived about a subject matter if 1. Ss body of beliefs about contains mistaken beliefs about the self. 2. S treats data relevant, or at least seemingly relevant, to the truth value of these mistaken beliefs in a motivationally biased way. 3. This biased treatment is a nondeviant cause of Ss acquiring thesemistaken beliefs. 4. The body of data available to S at the time provides greater warrant for rejecting these beliefs than for accepting them...
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