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Strength of Wil1 - Should you choose one box or two Less...

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Strength of Will: Normative Issues MORE ON AINSLIE’S CONDITIONALS If I hold out now, I will hold out in the future. If I don’t hold out now, I won’t hold out in the future. Could these give us information about what I am like? Problem: is it accurate information? An extreme case: Newcomb’s problem. A bizarre billionaire offers you a choice: (1) Box A (2) Box A and Box B Box B contains $1000, placed there the night before. Box A either contains $1m, placed there the night before, or else nothing. The billionaire is a brilliant predictor of people’s choices (with a 99.9% success rate). When he decided last night what to place in Box A, he contemplated whether you would choose one box, or both. If he thought that you’d greedily choose both, he placed nothing in Box A. If he thought that you would choose only one, he placed $1m in Box A. But that, of course, was yesterday, and nothing you can do now will affect what is in the boxes.
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Unformatted text preview: Should you choose one box or two? Less extreme: self-signaling behavior. Hardworking Calvinists. People keeping their hands in cold water for longer if that indicates a strong heart (Quattrone and Tversky, 1984). The difficulty is that if they see themselves as self-signaling, they interfere with the very signals that they think are giving them information. But in the temptation resisting case does that matter? There isn’t any further state that the behavior is supposed to be evidence of. If someone behaves apparently altruistically because they want to think of themselves as an altruist, then maybe they are not truly an altruist. But if someone refrains from smoking because they want to think of themselves as someone who can refrain from smoking, then they really are refraining from smoking. Compare simple self-presentation behavior....
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