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Strength of Will - attention Rather than waiting finding...

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Strength of Will: More Normative Issues TWO VERSIONS OF THE LINKING PRINCIPLE AND A PRINCIPLE LINKING THEM Weak Link: I shouldn’t form an intention that I now believe I should, at the time of action, rationally reconsider and revise Strong Link: I shouldn’t form an intention that I now believe that if I were, at the time of action, to reconsider, I should rationally revise Rational Reconsideration Principle: If I now believe that if I were to reconsider at the time of action I would reasonably revise, then I should reconsider at that time. A COUNTEREXAMPLE TO STRONG LINK You are defending your ship. Your instruments tell you that you are being attacked from somewhere in a 30˚ arc to the North East. If you waited and calculated you could find out the exact position of the attacker. But you are anticipating further attacks that will need your
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Unformatted text preview: attention. Rather than waiting, finding the exact position of the attacker, and responding with a single missile, you form the intention of launching, when the optimum time comes, a barrage of missiles to cover the whole arc. In effect you trade missiles for time to attend elsewhere. THE RATIONALITY OF STRONG RESOLUTION There is a difference between (i) reconsidering a resolution, deciding that it would be rational to revise and then not revising; and (ii) not reconsidering even if, were you to reconsider, you would think it rational to revise. The former is irrational; the latter is not. Does this make rationality too fragile? Not if reconsideration is an involved business. Perhaps you only come to a judgment about what is best subsequent to the formation of an intention...
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