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[STUDENTS CAN TRY THIS AT HOME!! --> ask family members, friends to write an account of some flashbulb memory] place - where were you? ongoing event - what were you doing? informant - who told you / how did you find out? affect in others own affect aftermath Brown's account of the assasination of JFK: I was on the telephone with Miss Johnson, the Dean's secretary, about some departmental  business. Suddenly, she broke in with: 'Excuse me a moment; everyone is excited about  something. What? Mr. Kennedy has been shot!' We hung up, I opened my door to hear further  news, as it came in, and then resumed my work on some forgotton business that 'had to be  finished' that day. Kuliki's account of the assisnation of JFK:
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Unformatted text preview: • I was seated in a sixth-grade music class, and over the intercom I was told that the president had been shot. At first, everone just looked at each other. Then the class started yelling, and the music teacher tried to calm everyone down. About ten minutes later I heard over the intercom that Kennedy had died and that everyone should return to their homeroom. I remember that when I got to my homeroom, my teacher was crying and everyone was standing in a state of shock. They told us to go home. • Major Determinants of Flashbulb Memories: • high level of surprise • high level of emotional arousal • consequentiality • more likely to be rehearsed...
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