syntax is disruptedspeech consists mainly of content words

syntax is disruptedspeech consists mainly of content words...

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  syntax is disruptedspeech consists mainly of content words very similar to telegraphic speech (two-word stage of language  development)   Wernicke's aphasia: associated with an ability to produce speech, but an inability to comprehend  language and an inability to produce meaningful discourse read sample (Gardiner, 1975): Boy, I'm sweating, I'm awful nervous, you know, once in a while I 
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Unformatted text preview: get caught up. I can't mention the tarripoi, a month ago, quite a little, I've done a lot well, I impose a lot, while on the other hand, you know what I mean, I have to run around, look it over, trebin and all that sort of stuff. • syntax is preserved • problems in finding the right word. ..often make up words to substitute • associated with a conceptual deficit...
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