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The Synapse (this is a list of the components that make up the synapse) A) definition area where the axon terminal of one neuron meets the dendrite of another neuron. They do not connect, but there is a small gap called the SYNAPTIC CLEFT/GAP. (a small cleft can be jumped by the impulse) as you can guess, these are the neurons that, 1) have the information to pass on to the next neuron, and 2) the next neuron waiting to receive the information. C) neurotransmitters - chemicals that carry information from one neuron to the next. when the synaptic cleft is too large to be jumped by the neural impulse, the signal/information must be passed using chemicals as (neurotransmitters) instead of electrical currents. D) transmission of neurotransmitters When the synaptic cleft is too large to be jumped, the gap can be crossed using neurotransmitters located in sacs within the axon terminal (the end of the axon). The sac with the appropriate neurotransmitters is forced through the membrane into the
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