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THEORIES OF EMOTIONS A. JAMES-LANGE THEORY OF EMOTION 1. Background: James and Lange (a Danish physiologist) proposed the same explanation of emotion at about same time - thus the theory was named for both of them. 2. A common sense idea about emotion would be: Environmental influence (some event) ---> Psychological experience ---> Physiological state changes (emotion) BUT: the James-Lange theory states: Environmental influence (event) --> Physiological change --> Psychological experience In other words, James and Lange would say, "I feel afraid because I tremble". If a person sees a bear while walking along in the woods, James and Lange would suggest that the person would tremble and then realize that, because they are trembling, they are afraid. 3. James stated: "My theory . .. is that the bodily changes follow directly the perception of the exciting fact, and that our feeling of the
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Unformatted text preview: same changes as they occur is the emotion. Common sense says, we lose our fortune, are sorry and weep; we meet a bear, are frightened and run; we are insulted by a rival, and angry and strike. The hypothesis here to be defended says that this order of sequence is incorrect . .. and that the more rational statement is that we feel sorry because we cry, angry because we strike, afraid because we tremble . .. Without the bodily states following on the perception, the latter would be purely cognitive in form, pale, colorless, destitute of emotional warmth. We might then see the bear, and judge it best to run, receive the insult and deem it right to strike, but we should not actually feel afraid or angry."...
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