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Top-Down Processing and Pattern Recognition bottom-up processing or data-driven processing : stimulus information arrives from the sensory receptors (the bottom level  of processing) the combination of bottom-level features allows us to recognized more  complex, whole patterns feature analysis top-down processing or conceptually-driven processing : our knowledge (memory) about how the world is organized helps in identifying  patterns psychologists believe both bottom-up and top-down processing are necessary to  explain pattern recognition
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Unformatted text preview: DEMO : Neisser (1964) (fig. 3-11, Ashcraft, 1994) A & B --> more difficult to find a line without a certain letter (B) than with a certain letter (A) C & D --> more difficult to find a letter among letters with similar features (D) than among letters with similar features (C) A, B, & D --> primarily bottom-up processing C --> primarily top-down processing (if it was bottom-up, then it would take just as long to search through all of the features as in A, B, & D)...
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