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TWO PUTATIVE SOLUTIONS (i) Sophistication: accept linking principle, and standard view. Problem: you’ll give into temptation (ii) Strong resolution: accept linking principle, but reject standard view, in favor of the idea that one’s ranking now should not depend upon the ranking that one would give at the time of action, but instead at the time of forming the resolution. Problem: seems to make too little of our agency at the time of action. (More like a machine that is locked into the plan.) BRATMAN’S SOLUTION Add another condition onto what is needed for rationality: you must meet the no regret condition: (i) were you to stick with the resolution, then at plan’s end you would be glad about it; and (ii) were you to fail to stick with it, then at plan’s end you would regret it. Does this help with the toxin case, and the other cases? THE CASE OF YURI. Yuri has managed to fall in love with both Tonia and Lara. When he is with Tonia he is convinced that she is the one, and vows his undying commitment; unfortunately things are just
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Unformatted text preview: the same when he is with Lara. Worse still, his life is so structured that he keeps spending time —2— with each of them. As one commitment is superseded by another, and that by another, trust is lost all round. Clearly it would be rational for Yuri to persist in his commitment to one of the women, and to restructure his life accordingly; all of them recognize that. However, the no-regret condition isn’t met. We can imagine him as a naturally contented type, who will not feel regret whomever he ends up with; in which case the second clause of the condition would not be met. Or we can imagine him as a naturally discontented type, who will feel regretful either way; in which case the first clause will not be met. Or we can imagine him as ambivalent, fluctuating between regret and happiness however he ends up; in which case neither clause will be stably met....
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