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What Exactly is psychotherapy? As is often the case in psychology, there isn't agreement on a single definition, but there are some common elements: 1. All psychotherapies involve a helping relationship between a professional and a person in need of help. a) helping relationship = Treatment b) professional = Therapist c) person in need = Client What types of treatment are available? Insight or Talk Therapy: these are the classic psychotherapeutic approaches that most people think of automatically when they think of therapy. These therapeutic approaches were pioneered by Freud and involve the following: a) client engages in lengthy, complex interactions with the therapist b) the goal is to increase insight into the nature or causes of the client's difficulties. Then, and only then, can the therapist look at possible solutions. (can be done on individual or group level) It is important to note that the focus here is on determining the causes of the problems. Behavior Therapy:
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