A Perspective on SIM in Western Europe

A Perspective on SIM in Western Europe - A Perspective on...

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Unformatted text preview: A Perspective on SIM in Western Europe Males within a society have conflicts of interest over the regulation of reproduction. In general wealthy males benefit by being able to maximize their control of females. However, their doing so opposes the interests of non-wealthy males, since these non-wealthy males would benefit from establishing a more egalitarian mating system. Evolutionary theory can't predict the outcome of this conflict any more than it can predict the winner of a battle. Evolutionary theory can only say that there are conflicts, not how they will be resolved. If wealthy males win the conflict, there will be polygyny. If lower ranking males win, then monogamy might be enforced. Low ranking males benefit by cooperating in an egalitarian group. High ranking males benefit by having non-egalitarian society with themselves at the top. Evolutionary theory fails to predict the outcome of this conflict. From an evolutionary perspective, it is not the least surprising that conflicts of interest regarding the regulation of...
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