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ALBERT BANDURA: (See separate notes on imitative learning) SELF-EFFICACY is the belief that one can effectively carry out a given behavior. Distinguishes between EFFICACY EXPECTATIONS and OUTCOME EXPECTATIONS. With efficacy expectations you know you can come up with the kind of behaviors necessary to achieve a givben goal. You know you can do what it takes. With outcome expectations, you may or may not know the steps required to reach a goal. If you know them, you may not do them, due to anxietyies, etc. Once you become morre efficacious in a given area, your fear about that area reduces. Goal--to become highly self-directed in that area. After a successful performance accomplishment, it's important to ensure that the person makes the proper attributions about the reasons for success. Recognizing our behavior as successful or
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Unformatted text preview: not depends on how e attrbute our performance. External attributions: "I did well on the exam, but it was so easy I couldn't miss" or "I did well, but just because the prof was so good." Internal attributions: "I did well, because of my ability," or "I don't test well " (global attributions) or "I don't test well on that kind of exam" (specific.) A negative global attribution means"I never do well--wo why bother to even try?" A a person becomes efficacious in one area, it tends to generalize to toher kidns of behavior, both in similar and dissimilar contexts. Self-efficacy leads to competence. If we're performing well, doing it with the right attitude, we probably also have the knowlwedge to make us efficacious and confident....
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