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ALBERT ELLIS' "RATIONAL EMOTIVE THERAPY." (RET) IRRATIONAL MALADAPTIVE THOUGHTS Common thinking pattterns that are likely to cause you to feel bad about yourself include these: • Musturbation, a catchy term coined by cognitive therapist Albert Ellis, refers to conditions that we set in our minds in order to feel OK or good or satsified about a matter or about yourself. If the conditions aren't met, you make yourrself unhappy. For instance, you might believe "that you must have a high degree of order or certainty to feel comfortable" or that you must have sincere love and approval almost all the time from all the people you find significant."14 You set conditions that must be met in order for you to allow yourself to feel good or satisfied or content, and may drive yourself into a frenzy of dissatisfaction, depression, or despair if they're not met. • Awfulizing or catastrophizing is the irrational idea that events are supposed to happen in a certain prescribed or expected fashion, and it's awful or a catastrophe if they don't. "It would be a
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