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BUS, BATH, AND BED . Kohler observed that the solution of problems is often suddenly presented to us when we are not actively concerned with them. otten when our eagerness to do mental work is very small. A Scottish physicist once told Kohler that British physicists recognize this. often talking about the three Bs -- "the Bus, the Bath. and the Bed. That~s where the great discoveries are made in our science." 1. Concept of Thinking defined as looking for and grasping relationships. 2. Organisms will engage in random, diffused, meaningless behavior ONLY IF RELATIONSHIPS IN THE ENVIRONMENT ARE OBSCURED. 3. Ehrenfreund (not a Gestaltist). Made a raised rat maze where the rat could see where it was going. Even if "go to the right" had been stamped in by repeated trials, if the food was on the left, it went right to it. Thus trial and error learning occurred only if the rat was not allowed to see the whole field. 4. FOR HUMAN LEARNING
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