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Change and groups - Change in a business organization In...

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Change and groups. The group or groups to which one belongs is a central aspect of a person's life-space A person accepts a new system of beliefs and values by accepting belongness to a group. Once belonging is established, previously rejected facts will become accepted as they become "facts" of "his group." Reeducation influences conduct only when the new system of values and bleieffs dominates a person's perceptions. There is a close linkage between acceptance of new facts and values and acceptance of new roles or group memberships. Often the latter item is prerequisit to the forme ATTITUDE CHANGE. " I can change an attitude with you relatively easily if you're actively exploring those attitudes, those needs," remarks my colleague Laurence J. Horowitz. "In the U.S., we have a real issue between individualism and cooperative behavior. How much is my individualism intrusive on yours? How much does it get in the way of cooperative behavior?"
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Unformatted text preview: Change in a business organization . In the Harwood Manufacturing Company, every time they made changes in the production schedule, it took endless time for workers to get back to the normal production level. Lewin took a number of people and said, let's try different ways of dealing with this transition issue. • One group: "You figure out what you need to do to make this new product in this new way." • 2nd group: "You elect some representatives to talk with management and then they'll go back and talk to you.: • 3rd group: "Everyone will get together. Workers, management, etc., and we'll all brainstorm it." Number 3 worked best. Everyone being there together. Even people who said nothing preferred it -- just being tere had value. Again we see the interrelation between personal responses and group behavior, which was a central theme of Lewin's work....
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