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CHRISTIAN VON EHRENFELS.(1859-1932) Extended Mach's work in Austria. A philosopher, musical composer and performer. and incidentally. an advocate of the legalization of polygamy. In the 1890's, he wrote a paper on "form qualities." " Gestalt qualitaten ." A melody or a musical chord is still easily recognized when shifted up or down into another key even though every note is different. (Transposition.) Music consists of organized wholes that are almost disembodied from specific physical tones . (This formulation is still atomistic is saying that "form quality" is still another element different from the other elements. On this basis, some Gestaltists denied that Mach and Vohn Ehrenfels were their intellectual ancestors. (But Wertheimer attended Von Ehrenfels' lectures.) CARL STUMPF (1848-1936). a. Born in Bavaria, Stumpf stuadied with Brentano, Von Helmnoltz, and Weber. Had a strong musical background. Became department chair and a central figure at the University of Berlin. Studies of space perception and the perception of music.
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