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COMMUNICATION THEORY'S "REFRAMING:" Communication theory, as developed by William Lederer, Don Jackson, Paul Watzlawick, and others, which is directly related to family therapy literature rather than the behavioral literature, deals with essentially the same processes as the cognitive behaviorists, but in a somewhat different way. Consider the following true anecdote: "During one of the many nineteenth-century riots in Paris the commander of an army detachment received orders to clear a city square by firing at the canaille (rabble). He commanded his soldiers to take up firing positions, their rifles levelled at the crowd, and as a ghastly silence descended he drew his sword and shouted at the top of his lungs: "Mesdames, m'sieurs, I have orders to fire at the canaille. But as I see a great number of honest, respectable citizens before me, I request that they leave so that I can safely shoot the canaille. " The square was empty in a few minutes.(From Watslawick). The process of reframing (also sometimes called "cognitive restructuring") has many
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