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CONFLICT IN MARRIAGE. Causes for tension. 1. An unsatisfied need means there is a particular region within the person where there is tension, and also that the person as a whole is on a higher tension level . This is especially true of basic needs like security or sex. 2. Inadequate space of free movement. Too small a space usually produces tension. 3. An outer barrier. Tension or conflict often leads to a tendency to leave the unpleasant situation. If this cannot be done, increased tension and conflict will likely develop. 4. Within the group life, conflict depends substantially on the degree to which members' emotions contradict each other, and upon readiness to consider the other person's viewpoint. Further considerations about marital conflict. A central question: How can a person find enough space of free movement to satisfy his or her own personal needs within the group without interfering with the group's interests? Securing an adequate private sphere within the marriage group can be especially difficult, since the very essence of marriage involves sharing their
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Unformatted text preview: private spheres with the other(s) in the couple or family. The central layers of the person and his or her basic mode of social existence are involved. • Each member is especially sensitive to those things that are not in accord with his or her needs. In a relatively nonintimate group it's easier for a member to find freedom to satisfy private needs without giving up the relatively superficial relations to other members. In an intimate group like marriage that's harder, and if members' needs conflict, because of their intimate involvement, conflicts may become especially deep and emotional. • Different functions that a marriage partner is called on to perform may demand opposite kinds of actions and personality traits that are not easily reconciled with each other. Nonetheless, failure to carry out one of these kinds of actions may leave important needs unsatisfied and lead to a high permanent tension level as long as that condition persists....
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