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EDWARD CHACE TOLMAN BIOGRAPHY Tolman was the third child and second son of an upper-class new England family. His father, the head of a Massachusetts manufacturing company, had been in the first graduating class at MIT. A staunch believer in the puritan ethic of hard work and constant effort, one of his favorite mottos.was IItend to business.IIThe father hoped his sons Richard and Edward would follow him into the family business. Encouraged by his wife, who had been raised a Quaker, he was also interested in social reform. Tolman/s mother was a warm and caring person who tried to instill in her children her Quaker values of plain living and high thinking. Both sons were good at mathematics and both studied experimental and theoretical chemistry at M.I.T.. Richard avoided going into business by getting a Ph.D. and becoming a distinguished physicist. His career culminated in his work as an associate of Robert Oppenheimer on the atomic bomb project at Los Alamos. Edward later said he had gone to M.I.T. due to family
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