ERNST WEBER - ERNST WEBER (1795-1878), a physiologist. and...

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Unformatted text preview: ERNST WEBER (1795-1878), a physiologist. and contemporary of Johannes Muller, born in Wittenberg, Germany. The TWO POINT THRESHOLD. With weights, the JUST NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE. WEBER'S LAW: Discovered that JND was a constant fraction of the standard weight. More generally, the JND is a CONSTANT FRACTION OF A STANDARD STIMULUS. This was the first statement of a systematic relationship between physical stimulation and a psychological experience. GUSTAV THEODOR FECHNER (1801-1887). His father, a pastor, "shocked the villagers by having a lightning-rod placed upon the church tower, in the days when this precaution was regarded as a lack of faith in God's care of his own, and by preaching--as he urged that Jesus must also have done--without a wig." Gustav obtained medical degree at age 21 from the University of Leipzig. Besides his medical and scientific work, Fechner was interested in spiritual phenomena, and wrote in...
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