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KURT KOFFKA - because no other approach was possible under...

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KURT KOFFKA. Ph.D from Stumpf CONVERGENCE. A compromise on the nativist controversy. Koffka accepted William Stern's convergence theory that every capacity is the result of a collaboration of inner and outer conditions of development. LEARNING. Submitted reflex and instinct to Gestalt analysis. Noted tendency of instinct to work toward some goal. (an instance of closure) influenced Tolman. APPLIED LAWS OF PERCEPTUAL ORGANIZATION TO LEARNING PROBLEMS. Used Kohler's Chimpanzee results to challenge trial and error learning. Trial and error vs. insight. Koffka said traditional puzzle boxes and mazes forced animal to trial and error learning
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Unformatted text preview: because no other approach was possible under those circumstances. Thus the artifacts of the procedure were seen as results of the study. An obstacle between the animal and the goal should be such as to allow intelligent, insightful behavior. • Behavior should be regarded not as separate responses to separtate stimili, but as governed by a total organismic field of interacting forces. The self is ortganized into definite but changing patterns. Spoke of the field of direct experience....
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