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MAX WERTHEIMER --founder of "Gestalt Psychology" as such. (1880-1943) Wertheimer's personality was very muçh tied up in the movement. Can't fully understnd Gestalt psychology without knowing Wertheimer. Wertheimer listened to Von Ehrenfels' lectures at the University of Vienna. He noted that the qualities of which von Ehrenfels spoke were characteristics of wholes. For instance "major" and "minor" in music are characteristics of phrases rather than of individual tones.Wertheimer asked: Why are there. both in space and time, such molar entities? Wertheimer was a philosopher. A profound man dedicated primarily to ideas -- not point- at-able research. Not a good experimenter, not a clinician. but a great thinker. Wertheimer was a product of the Talmudic tradition. Thought things through to the tiniest detail. (The Talmud -- not a religious But committed, as a philosopher, to science. To applying scientific method to the study of behavior. Looking at the S-R connection, Wert. asked, "What is a stimulus?" Behaviorists were philosophically somewhat too naive for him. On a train from Vienna to the Rhineland for a vacation, as he was looking out the window at telephone poles beside the track he notice them behaving very strangely. Sometimes their movement speeded up, sometimes it slowed down, sometimes they appeared to be bending forward and backward, and sometimes they seemed to merge into a single pole.
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