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Reproductive Strategies - Reproductive Strategies: The...

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Reproductive Strategies: The Coherence of Development It was argued above that intelligence may be viewed as a domain-general information processing device that evolved in order to more effectively attain evolutionary goals. However, the main message for developmentalists deriving from IQ research is the very substantial coherence of individual development on a very wide range of variables revealed by this research (e.g., Herrnstein & Murray 1994; Rushton 1988; 1995). Besides variables directly related to mental testing, such as school performance, these results indicate associations among IQ, poverty and welfare dependency, proneness to illegitimacy, child abuse, low birth weight, sexual behavior, divorce (unstable pair bonding), psychiatric diagnosis, rates of physical maturation, parent-child relationships, criminality, and even the likelihood of being classified as disabled. For all of these results, IQ is a better predictor of variables related to social functioning than is parental socioeconomic status. Moreover, the results indicate non-linear trends at the lower end of the IQ distribution with a very strong upsurge in problem frequency in these populations. Similarly, although IQ is not considered in their analysis, Belsky et al (1991) review data which support the general coherence of individual development, including especially the large intercorrelations among spousal harmony, parent-child relationship quality, children's interpersonal style, timing of puberty, sexual behavior, and level of parental investment. Traditional developmental research as well as evolutionary perspectives tend to compartmentalize humans into various domain-specific systems that (from an evolutionary perspective) evolved to solve particular adaptive problems. However, this research shows that there is also a very important central core of co-varying systems (many of them presumably domain-specific; see below) centered around at least one highly domain-general ability'the g factor of IQ tests. While the associations among the various systems are not robust enough to preclude an important role for discrete evolved systems such as the personality systems
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Reproductive Strategies - Reproductive Strategies: The...

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