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SAUL ALINSKY - planes(Perhaps there were even regrettable...

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SAUL ALINSKY . Alinsky was one a social psychologistof the significant labor organizers of the 20th century. He used the Lewinian approach in his organizational and conflict managment skills. Example: The San Francisco International airport custodians --the janitors-- were going out on strike. Neither union nor management wanted a long strike, but they had reached an impasse. Alinsky thought the situation over, and then gave everyone in the union a dime. In those days, bathrooms in airports, train depots and bus stations customarily had a lock requiring a dime on all the bathroom stalls except for one free stall, which tended to be highly used and less clean That was the case at SFO.) All the striking union members took their dime and went into the 10- cent johns. The one free toilet in each restroom was left open, out of humanitarian considerations. Lines for the open toilet grew huge. People were in danger of missing their
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Unformatted text preview: planes. (Perhaps there were even regrettable accidents.) Management said, "We can't abide this,." settled with the janitors, and the strike was over almost immediately.The message: "If you do what you can do, you can succeed." So the janitors used the toilets. Clever twists such as that were characteristic of both Lewin and Alinsky. • Principal References: • Bolles, Robert Cl. (1993) The Story of Psychology: A Thematic History. Wadsworth/Brooks Cole. • Horowitz, Laurence J. (1986) Guest lecture on Kurt Lewin. • Lewin, Kurt. A Dynamic Theory of Personality. McGraw Hill. • Lewin, Kurt. Resolving Social Conflicts. • Nordby, Vernon J. and Calvin S. Hall. (1974) A Guide to Psychologists and their Concepts. Freeman. • Woodworth, Robert W. & Mary R. Sheehan.( 1964) Contemporary Schools of Psychology, 3rd ed.,Ronald Press....
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