Sigmund Freu1 - Sigmund Freud Psychoan alysis THE...

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Sigmund Freud & Psychoan alysis THE UNCONSCIOUS, REPRESSION, AND DEFENSE MECHANISMS The area of Freud's work that appears to me fundamentally correct and of the greatest enduring values is his exploration of of the processes of repression and other defense mechanism, and to a considerable degree in his explication of the unconscious. There were numerous ideas regarding unconscious lying around in Europe of his day, but no one else truly drew them together. His daughter Anna Freud was a close collaborator in the identification and desription of the defense mechanisms.(I am using here the conventional terms rather than Bettelheim's alternative translations of "repulsion" and"parrying." 1. The unconscious is whatever is latent for a time and not known to the conscious mind during that time .Freud viewed the unconscious as compose most centrally of motives, with their associated ideational content. Woodworth writes, "Those memories which his first patients got back while under hypnosis were, to be sure, memories of persons and events, but they were shot through with strong but unfulfilled wishes."(262) Often, I would add these were painful unfilled wishes, as evidenced in Freud's comments below about avoiding "unpleasure." 2. The "preconscious" is one step loser to consciousness. A thought in the preconscious is
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Sigmund Freu1 - Sigmund Freud Psychoan alysis THE...

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