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Sigmund Freud & Psychoan alysis Taken as a whole , maintains Bettelheim, Freud's "writings are gentle. ..intimations that we, his readers, would benefit from a . .. spiritual journey of self-discovery [and] greater self-awareness. (P. 4) Instead of instilling a deep feeling for what is most human in all of us, the translations attempt to lure the reader into developing a "scientific" attituded toward men and his actions. . . .With children afflicted by psychological troubles, Bettelheim writes that Freud held that we need "an emotional closeness based on an immediate sympathetic comprehension of all aspects of the child's soul. What was needed was. . . a spontaneous sympathy of our unconscious with that of others, a feeling reesponse of our soul to theirs. (5) Through the use of abstractions [the translations] make it easy for the reader to distance himself
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Unformatted text preview: from what Freud sought to teach about the inner life of man and of the reader himself. . . . Stujdents of psychoanalysis are not led to take it personally. . . to gain access to their own unconscious and everything else within them that is most human but nevertheless unacceptable to them. . . .Almost invariabley, I have found that psychoanalytic concepts had become for [American] students a way of looking only at others, from a safe distance. . . . It was always someone else's unconscious they analyzed, hardly ever their own. . . . [Freud] was speaking about us all--about the rreader as much as about himself, his patients, and others. Freud's choice of words and his direct style serve the purpose of making the reader apply psychoanalytic insights to himself." (6,7)...
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