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Sigmund Freud & Psychoan alysis TRANSLATION AND MISTRANSLATION Primary source: Bruno Bettelheim: Freud & Man's Soul. New York: Random House Vintage, 1984. When I first read Freud as an undergraduate, I found him dull and extradordinarily difficult to read, with a few good ideas. That was the A.A. Brill translation of The Psychopathology of Everyday Life. Later I read selections from his 5-volume Collected Papers and found them largely easy to read and brilliant. Admittedly I read only groups of papers on those subjects where I considered Freud to be generally correct and did not bother with areas where I considered him badly mistaken. My method was to look in the two indexes for a topic that interested me, and then read all the papers that dealt with that specific topic. We learn from Bruno Bettelheim, one of Freud's disciples and promoters and an important thinker in his own right, that the Brill translations were an abomination, a fractured caricature of Freud's writing in German. Psychoanalysts in the United States were committed to making psychoanalysis part of medicine, an idea toward which Freud felt only contempt. In Europe a historianl, an anthropologist, or a playwright could become a psychoanalyst if that person had the proper aptitudes.As part of the medicalization of psychoanalysis, words were deliberately chosen that were difficult and obfuscating, so that only the priesthood who were educated and anoited as both medical doctors and psychoanalysts could understand Freud. Freud was committed to writing clear and beautiful prose that ordinary people could understand, and in Germany he won prizes for the quality of his writing.In trying to make Freud sound biological and mechanistic,
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Sigmund Freu4 - Sigmund Freud & Psychoan alysis...

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