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Sigmund Freud & Psychoan alysis INTRODUCTION You can read five different books or articles about Freud and his theories and come away with five radically different impressions of the man and his work. Perspectives range from European disciples who took his every word as gospel, to American psychoanalysts committed to "medicalizing" psychoanalysis, to critics who claim that he was mistaken at practically every turn and created a psychology entirely in his own image. What is not in doubt is that he was probably the single most influential psychologist of the twentieth century, for better or worse. My own perspective involves an interest in how his
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Unformatted text preview: personal history influenced his theories, in what he was actually saying once we get past the terrible mistranslations into English, and in separating what was correct and enduringly valuable from what was mistaken or only narrowly applicable. In my view he was about 50% correct, but that 50% was brilliant, and once we dismiss the mistaken ideas and leave them lying by the wayside, the correct 50% provide an invaluable foundation for much of the thinking that followed....
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