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THE END OF THE STORY - doing well f John& Mary's...

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THE END OF THE STORY a. 1957 -- APA awarded Watson it highest order, the gold medal for distinguished lifetime contribution to psychology. Didn't go to the convention in person, but sent Billy to accept it on his behalf. b. Drank more and harder. Died in 1958 of chirrosis of the liver. c. Billy became a respected, successful psychiatrist in New York. Became Freudian and turned against his father's behaviorism. His first suicide attempt was stopped by younger brother Jimmy. Second attempt, in mid-30s, was successful. d. Watson & Mary's son Little John was "a rather rootless person who often sponged on his father." Plagued throughout life with stomach trouble and intolerable headaches. Died in his early 50s of bleeding ulcers. e. Jimmy also had chronic stomach problems for years, but after intensive analysis is alive and
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Unformatted text preview: doing well. f. John & Mary's daughter Polly attempted suicide over and over and over and over. g. Grandaughter Mariette: "We couldn't talk about feelings, we couldn't talk about affection, we couldn't talk about touching, but we could talk about sex. (Big John's influence was keenly felt.) Years later, when I was crossing a congested boulevard in Los Angeles, I took Mom's hand, but she pulled it away. "Don't. People will think we're lesbians." Went through therapy and appears from her biography to be living a reasonbly successful, healthy life. I was twenty-six before I knew what anger was. Like Dad, I kept turning it on myself. I did everything not to get angry, including marrying a husband who beat me up. There are various kinds of suicide....
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