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THE HOME LIFE OF THE ADVERTISING MAN a. Missed academic terribly. With out a laboratory, again turned to observing and conditioning his own children. b. Had two boys, Billy in 1921 & Jimmy in 1923. At 3 months, Watson tried to condition his son's bowel movements. Despondently Rosalie wrote in Feb: "I thought I had succeeded in conditioning bowels to move but it was a false observation." Billy was constipated and had to have laxatives, but still made to "try every morning at the same time." 2 1/2, Billy crowded in whenever John embraced Rosalie. By the time Billy was born, Watson had started to believe that scientific evidence showed that children should get very little hugging and kissing. Freud had shown that many infants were hopelessly fixated on either mother or father. That must be why. Watson observed development, movements, etc. Watson experimented on himself, his wife, and
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Unformatted text preview: his children in ways which neither Freud nor Piaget ever dared, or at least dared admit. At 4 months, Billy "was beginning to show sensitivity of erogenous zones." Cooed or cried in the bath when foreskin pushed back and smiled when he was stroked. Big John and Rosalie went on living their own lives. Children expected to be very polite to their parents. Rarely ate together as a family. Rosalie thought there was some danger that their sons were not enough part of their lives. Treated their children as young adults and expected the same in return. Watson above all wanted his children to be independent. Rosalie was always a little guilty because she was "not the perfect behavioristic wife." Was "still too much on the side of the children." Could not resist kissing and hugging them sometimes. c. By age 3 Jimmy was having recurrent stomach pains. Did this stop Big John? No. Went on to tell all America how to bring up children....
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